Double Post! Snowdon and Red Kites

Wales is… AMAZING! I can’t believe I spent 4 days there. Time flew past so quickly. Bala is such and amazing place, the views are stunning and the people are so lovely. It was such a lovely holiday away and Luke and I can’t wait to go back some time this year.

First, after a very relaxing morning with a beautiful breakfast we decided to take down the mountain, we were on our way to climb Snowdon. We were going to attempt to climb the mountain via the miners track.

Luke took these amazing photo of our lovely hike up the mountain. I can honestly say I struggled, I am not very steady on my feet and I am known for tripping up over or losing my balance, but I made it to the top and all the way back down again with no major incidents (although did give Luke several mini heart attacks as I tripped/slipped over some wet stones a few times on the way down.)

While travelling up the mountain, we did see a few birds. We came across several Pipits. It is streaky olive-brown above and dirty white underneath with dark streaking. It breeds around the coast where there are rocky beaches, and most of the birds that breed in the UK are residents, with only the young birds dispersing once they become independent.


After climbing up and down Snowdon with the gull that seemed to be following us, we went safely back to our hotel with soaking wet clothes for a nice takeaway and a lovely cup of tea, ready for our next adventure.


After a good nights sleep (for Luke, again I was up at half 5 in the morning), we went for a drive down to Gigrin Farm.

Gigrin Farm is a 200 acre family-run working farm, now famous for their Red Kite Feeding Centre. Hundreds of Red Kites feed here every day. It is a truly breathtaking spectacle. The Red Kite Centre is located in the most beautiful countryside, in the heart of Mid Wales, overlooking both the Wye and Elan Valleys, and just half a mile from the market town of Rhayader.

Here you have some lovely kite and buzzard pictures from both Luke and I.


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