New Year’s Eve – Minsmere

Minsmere on New Year’s Eve, the first time we were both off and actually able to go bird watching. I can’t tell you how much I have missed going out and trying to spot some magnificent birds with Luke.

img_7257 Squirrels today at Minsmere were going mental. All you heard as you entered the main walk, was the chattering and squeaks of these little things. Apparently it is mating season for squirrels at the moment, which is what we were witnessing out and about. While Luke was getting use to his new Lens, I kept myself occupied by taking pictures of them running around. I love this picture.

As we were at the Bittern Hide, we saw two swans, a Marsh Harrier in the distance and a bittern that flew over the field. We were both unable to get a decent photo of this, but was incredible to watch.

As we continued our walk around, we spotted these beautiful swans swimming on duckweed. I loved sitting and watching them eating away.

FUN FACT! A swan has over 25000 feathers in its body!

FUN FACT 2! An adult male is the only bird that has a penis! (that one made me chuckle a little bit)

Later on during the day after a nice cup of coffee to warm us up, we spotted a goldcrest! I have seen these before around Needham market but was amazing to see again. Lets see if you can spot him in my pictures.

Honestly, it is such a beautiful bird, but so small that you really have to look hard to see them.  It was once known as the golden-crested wren, the goldcrest is not only Britain’s smallest bird, but the smallest in the western Palearctic. I have read that some exhausted goldcrest migrants are typically unafraid of humans, and some will even land on people. How cool would that be?

I saw my first ever Dunnock today. I know it might not be the most attractive bird, bbut these birds are very shy and are normally very hard to spot. Dunnocks like to feed near the shelter of bushes and garden plants – they must feel safe there, they almost seem like secretative birds as they hop about undercover.

And last but not least, the Redshanks were out to play today. Luke and I spent ages sitting there, watching them eating and flying around. They were incredible to watch.

I would say, all in all a good day out. We saw several marsh harriers in the end and even caught a glimpse of an otter finding some food. Can’t wait for our next day out.

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